World Agricultural Production

The summer crop season has been characterized by generally favorable weather with adequate
rainfall and sunshine providing good growing conditions for summer crops, except in southern
Rio Grande do Sul which experienced drought. Yields for soybeans, corn, cotton, and rice are
estimated to be above average but below last year’s records.
Personnel from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service traveled in Brazil during mid-March to
assess crop conditions. The team interviewed traders and producers, and visited farms in the
central regions of Mato Grosso and in southeastern Rio Grande do Sul. Harvesting of soybeans,
first-crop corn, and rice is underway. Reported yields have been above average and higher than
initially expected for summer crops. Wet conditions at the start and end of the soybean season
had minimal effect on soybean production but have raised concerns over the late planting of
second-crop corn. In drought-affected southern Rio Grande do Sul, however, stressed and poorly
developed soybean plants that suffered from insufficient moisture were observed throughout the
region. Second-crop corn that was planted early has benefited from favorable weather, although

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