What will power the lighthouse in energy’s perfect storm?

EY Global Power & Utilities Risk Pulse Survey 2017–18

Identifying the risks that matter most today and in a new energy world
The power and utilities (P&U) sector is transforming toward a future state that will be
cleaner, more decentralized and increasingly digital. How utilities succeed in making this
transition will depend on how effectively they manage their most important risks. But it will
take a truly enterprise-wide effort to build an integrated, agile and resilient risk operating
model that is fit for the 21st century challenges of the P&U sector.
An essential first step on this journey is to advance strategic thinking around the internal
and external drivers of disruption and change across the enterprise. This is the goal of our
Risk Pulse Survey, which captures insights from leading P&U executives worldwide on the
risks that are most important to them and the strategies they are implementing to respond to
those risks. The Risk Pulse Survey also assesses the effectiveness of these strategies in managing
disruption across strategic, operational, financial and compliance risk categories as we transition to
a future energy world.

Managing the most important risks will enable the future utility
These risks, among others, are only expected to become increasingly important. Responding to
strategic risks will be critical in order for utilities to develop new and innovative business models
to succeed. Improving agility and resilience to manage operational risks from catastrophic
events will be necessary, as the frequency of such events is expected to increase.

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