Territorio y globalización: los desafíos de la transformación productiva en un nuevo escenario internacional

Shifting Wealth is reshaping the world economy

The “Three Speed World” in the 2000s

Labour productivity and social expenditure (1991-2013)

Latin America is on the look for inclusive and sustainable growth

La contribución de América Latina al proceso de reequilibrio de la riqueza es relativamente modesta

The Middle-Income Trap: common to several countries in the region

Expanding financial flows

FDI flows from China still low, but a growing opportunity


50% of formal firms do not find the workforce with the skills they need

Social Inclusion

The vulnerability of the middle class is still a threat for the region

Despite the recent socio-economic progress inequality in the region is still high…

Disparities are also high within countries…

And disconnected youth need to be re-engaged

Well-being indicators for Latin America shows several areas for further improvement

Social capital at risk: Increase in labour disputes in China


The incidence of taxes and transfers does not contribute to reduce inequalities

Governance is a pending challenge

Desarrollo Territorial

Mario Pezzini, Director of the OECD Development and Special Advisor to the OECD Secretary General on Development

Fuente: OECD

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