Hong Kong Wine Market Report

Hong Kong has developed into a dynamic market for wine, both as an export destination and as a reexport
hub. As consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their appreciation of wine,
competition has intensified at retail and food service levels. Hong Kong’s wine imports in 2018 have
started off strong and are expected to remain robust, but operational challenges and price competition
will continue to drive buyers to refine product offerings to retain and gain market shares.
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Hong Kong Wine Market Report
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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In 2017, Hong Kong was the third-largest export market for U.S. wine by value, following
Canada and the United Kingdom. Overall, the city of Hong Kong imported $1.53 billion of
wine from around the world in 2017. Hong Kong wine imports have seen tremendous
growth in the last 10 years since totaling $367.5 million in 2008. During the more recent
years of 2013-2017, the compound annual growth rate of gross wine imports reached
10.3 percent by value and 4.9 percent by volume. The combination of factors facilitating
the growth of wine sales in Hong Kong includes the removal of Hong Kong’s wine duty in
2008, an enhanced wine appreciation culture supported by the government and private
sector, and efficiency in importing and exporting as a market and re-export hub.

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