Grain: World Markets and Trade – Record Global Grain Consumption Drives Stocks Downv

For 2018/19, global corn production is
projected up from last year due to larger
crops in China, Brazil, and Argentina.
Global consumption outpaces
production for the second consecutive
year as demand expands in China as
well as for countries in South America.
Tighter world supplies of barley also
underpin growth in global corn use.
Trade is forecast higher boosted by
greater exportable supplies in major
exporting countries including Argentina,
Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia. Global
ending stocks are set to fall sharply
once more, led by declining inventories
for China and the United States.
Global wheat production is forecast
lower than the 2017/18 record. Lower
production in Russia, the European
Union, and India is only partially offset
by larger crops in the United States,
Australia, and Canada. Global
consumption is projected up based on
higher food use, despite marginally
weaker feed use. Record global trade
is once again projected due to strong
import demand from Asia and Africa.
Russia is forecast to be the largest
exporter. Global stocks are projected
down, but are primarily held by China,
whose stocks are actually forecast
Rice production is forecast at a record,
with the most significant increase in
Bangladesh. Consumption is forecast
to rise marginally with the largest gain in
China. Trade is projected up slightly,
with import demand rising in SubSaharan
Africa. India will remain the
top exporter, followed by Thailand.
Among the major grains, only rice
stocks are forecast to rise marginally,
as growth in China more than offsets
reductions in top exporters.

Fuente: USDA

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