Fostering Effective Energy Transition

A Fact-Based Framework to Support Decision-Making

The key to effective decision-making on energy transition

Leaders in the energy system have highlighted the need for:
1) An effective and inclusive platform for action-oriented dialogue
2) A fact-based framework that supports an unbiased approach to energy transition

Over the course of the last year, the Fostering Effective Energy Transition project contributed to these two
requirements by:
– A multilevel dialogue series, addressing energy transition at the global, regional and national levels:
This series created a better understanding of countries’ transition imperatives and challenges. It
initiated a network of actors to enable concrete action within selected regions and countries. Ultimately,
these interactions with approximately 200 key stakeholders of energy systems across the world aim
to create local platforms to facilitate country-specific transition visions and to support the creation of
predictable yet flexible long-term policy roadmaps – an element critical for effective energy transition.
– The Energy Transition Index (ETI), linking the performance of countries’ energy systems today with
their readiness for the future. This new index highlights countries’ comparative strengths and improvement
areas and allows private stakeholders to compare countries’ relative system performance and transition
readiness to identify opportunities and threats to their business

Fuente: WEF

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