Energy and CO2 emissions in the OECD

In 2016, the OECD’s total final consumption (TFC) increased by 1% to 3 659 Mtoe, and electricity
generation by 0.8% to 10947 TWh. At country level, TFC increased by up to 6%, such as in Poland,
mainly driven by transport; TFC also decreased in four countries by 1%: Portugal, Japan, Italy and
OECD CO2 emissions from fuel combustion decreased by 0.5% to 11.6 billion tonnes CO2, although
trends varied across countries, with several increasing up to 5%. A significant reduction occurred in
the UK (-6%), driven by electricity and heat generation – where emissions nearly halved in just four
years, from 182 to 99 MtCO2, while generation decreased just by 6% over the same period.

Fuente: IEA

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