Doing Business in Argentina Reference information for the foreign investor

Argentina is the second largest country in
South America and the eighth
largest country in the world.
Located in the south of the continent, it
borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay,
Brazil, Uruguay and the South Atlantic
Ocean. It is a land of rich and varied
geographical contrasts, from the flat
and smooth plains of the Pampas to the
Andes mountain range.
Argentina is constituted by 23 provinces
and the Capital. It has a continental
extension of 2,780,400 km2, extending
3,800 kilometers long from north to
south, and 1,400 kilometers from east to
west. Considering the Antarctic territory
and the South Atlantic Ocean Islands
claimed by Argentina, the total surface is
of 3.761.274 km2.
Argentina´s continental territory extends
from the Andes Mountains to the South
Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica. The
country can be divided into four clearly
differentiated geographic regions:
• The central region, which features large
portions of flatlands, including one
of the world´s most fertile plains, which
are the source of Argentina´s
agricultural wealth.
• The northeast region, also known as
Mesopotamia, which includes the
Paraná and Uruguay rivers, enclosing
the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes
and Misiones. This area features dense
vegetation, with subtropical rainforests
in some sectors, and is dominated by
scrublands, being home to a large
number of wild animal species.

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