Doing Business Comparing Business Regulation for Domestic Firms in 190 Economies 2017

Case studies 44 Getting Electricity Factors affecting the reliability of electricity supply 52 Getting Credit: Legal Rights Two approaches to developing an integrated secured transactions regime 58 Getting Credit: Credit Information Casting a wide net to expand financial inclusion 65 Protecting Minority Investors Achieving sound corporate governance 72 Paying Taxes Assessing postfiling processes 79 Trading Across Borders Technology gains in trade facilitation 87 Annex: Labor Market Regulation What can we learn from Doing Business data? 96 Annex: Selling to the Government Why public procurement matters 102 References 114 Data Notes 164 Distance to Frontier and Ease of Doing Business Ranking 170 Summaries of Doing Business Reforms in 2015/16 188 Country Tables 252 Labor Market Regulation Data 272 Acknowledgments

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