BP Energy Outlook – Data set

Primary energy consumption by fuel / Carbon emissions
Primary energy demand by end-use sector / region / fuel
Economic Backdrop
GDP growth by region and factor
Growth in GDP and primary energy / Growth in urban population by region
Primary energy demand by end-use sector / Annual demand growth and sectoral contributions to growth
Growth in final energy consumption by industry and by fuel
Final energy consumption growth: Non-combusted versus industry / Non-combusted share of total oil & gas consumption growth
Growth in final energy consumption in buildings by region 2016-2040 / Final energy consumption in buildings by fuel type
Contributions to transport energy consumption / Transport energy consumption by mode
Transport energy consumption by fuel type / Transport energy consumption growth by region
Passenger Car parc by Type /  Fuel economy of new cars
Vehicle kilometres by fuel type / New Mobility VKMs
Changes in liquids demand from cars: 2016-2040
Alternative scenario: Electric car sales as a share of total car sales / Share of total passenger VKMs powered as electricity
Alternative scenario:  Passenger cars liquid demand / Carbon emissions from energy
Growth of GDP, power and primary energy / Shares of total power generation
Growth of power generation, 2016-40 / Share of power generation, 2016 & 2040
Primary energy consumption by region / primary energy growth and regional contributions
Primary energy demand by fuel and region / Latest changes in energy demand 2016-2040
China: Primary energy demand growth and contributions by fuels / Carbon emissions
India: Growth of GDP and primary energy / Share of primary energy
Primary energy supply and demand growth / Industrial energy share
US: Shares of global production / Regional oil/gas imbalances
EU: GDP, energy and carbon emissions / primary energy consumption
Primary energy consumption by fuel /  Shares of primary energy
Liquid fuels Demand / Supply
Liquids demand / Liquids demand growth
Shares of world liquids supply / Demand and supply of liquid fuels
Alternative scenario: US tight oil scenarios / Number of US oil rigs
Global liquids supply growth / Refining througput and demand growth, 2016-2040
Natural gas consumption / production / trade
Gas consumption by sector / Gas share by sector
Alternative scenario: Gas demand increase / Alternative gas scenario – Gas consumption growth with regional contributions, 2016 -2040
Alternative scenario: Gas demand growth 2016-40 / Gas share of primary energy 1990-40
LNG exports / LNG imports
Asian LNG imports and Asian LNG exports of regions «close» to Asia / Gas supply to Europe
Coal consumption by region / Coal consumption growth and regional conntributions
Growth of renewable power / Pace of power market penetration
Change to projected level of power in 2035 / Solar PV learning curve
Alternative scenario: Renewables share of power growth / Change in gas and coal in power output / Change in carbon intensity of power
Nuclear / Hydro
Carbon emissions
Carbon emissions / Reductions in emissions versus ET scenario
Alternative scenario: Carbon emissions in 2040: EFT versus ET scenario / Primary energy consumption by fuel
Difference in projected levels in 2035 by fuel / region / sector
Electric cars / Energy demand growth in China and India / Energy demand growth in Africa
Contributions to growth of energy consumption, 2016-2040
Global oil and gas demand / Renewables growth (2016-2040) / Electric vehicles in 2040
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