Argentine Lemons Reenter U.S. Market

The first shipment of fresh Argentine lemons is en route to the U.S. following market access granted in August,
2017 for delivery to East Coast ports up to 30,000 tons per year.
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Argentine Lemons Reenter U.S. Market
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In August, 2017 the U.S. granted Argentina market access for fresh lemons for delivery to northern East
Coast ports up to 30,000 tons per year. On April 18, 2018, Argentina President Mauricio Macri and
other high-level officials, including the Minister of Agroindustry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, and
President of SENASA, Ricardo Negri, led a highly publicized ceremony launching the first shipment of
fresh lemons from Tucuman, an area responsible for producing 90 percent of domestic lemons, to the
Key highlights of President Macri’s remarks:
 He stressed the importance of team work amongst the national and provincial governments, especially
SENASA, and the industry and thanked them for the hard work in reopening the U.S. market for
Argentine lemons.
 He articulated the importance of the results and the positive multiplier effects it will have on
employment in generating new jobs and spurring economic growth and investment in infrastructure as
well. These positive impacts will, above all, help reduce poverty and create opportunities for many
 He pointed out how Argentina is open to global trade opportunities and, specifically in the citrus sector,
he stated that Argentina had not only succeeded in obtaining the reopening of the U.S. and Brazilian
market for fresh lemons, but also opening the Mexican market for local citrus for the first time.
Below is a courtesy translation of a press article on the celebration:
Macri Celebrates in Tucuman the First Shipment of Lemons to the U.S. since 2001
Argenti Lemon will ship thirty tons of fresh high-quality lemons. This will end a hard battle to overcome
California producers’ lobby.
President Mauricio Macri will travel today to Tucuman to announce the first shipment of lemons to the
U.S. since 2001. Argenti Lemon will ship thirty tons of fresh high-quality lemons and, with that
exportation, a hard battle to overcome California producers’ lobby will be concluded. As soon as Macri
took over, he undertook the lemon claim to such an extent that, when the new Argentine Ambassador to
the U.S., Carlos Oris de Roa, presented credentials, Trump joked about lemons.
The President travels to Tucuman with Minister of Agroindustry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere and, after the
shipment is off, a citrus sector table will be formally launched at the same site in Tucuman. That was
yesterday anticipated by the minister to the “Linkage Table”, who met for the second time with the
The presidents of “Federacion Agraria”, “CRA”, “CONINAGRO”, and the Argentine Rural Society
submitted an agenda which included a request of financial assistance to face drought damage to a claim
about provincial taxes. During ninety minutes of meeting, they analyzed the progress made by the beef,
dairy and forestry sector tables.
Regarding lemons, today, the page was turned on an issue that began in 2001 when California producers
assured that Argentine lemons had a bacteria known as cancrosis, an accusation that proved to be false,
as demonstrated by Argentine sanitary authorities.
Argentina exports to the U.S. totaled US$100 million. The company that carries out this first shipment,
Argenti Lemon, was founded in 1997 and sells fresh lemons, and lemon concentrated juice, dehydrated
peel, and essential oil.

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