Renew Europe

New Concept for Europe Initiative

Recent months have shown positive momentum for Europe’s political and economic situation. There is a drive for much more solid and broad-based progress, and the European Central Bank has substantially increased its forecast for economic growth in the Eurozone over the next few years.
Unemployment is falling and new opportunities for young people are being created. This uptick in optimism has
created a window of opportunity for Europe to address the issues that are most crucial to the well-being of its citizens, businesses and other stakeholders.
However, many challenges remain and must be addressed in a substantive manner: the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, inequality, divergence across the continent, ageing and migration and other disruptive forces are already testing Europe’s fundamental values. Furthermore, Europe’s political landscape is fragmented and trust in its institutions is still too low.
Europe has no choice but to move beyond its divisions and use this window to develop practical, feasible ideas that
make a meaningful difference to people’s lives, and to build momentum for critical long-term transformations.
We hope this report becomes a catalyst for a much-needed conversation about how Europe can act in solidarity and
demonstrate the bold leadership required, before this window closes. This is a call for ideas and for actions that
are audacious and visionary enough to create the robust and growing Europe the next generation deserves.
We would like to thank the members and chairs of the Europe Policy Group and the Youth Champions for their contributions and ideas, as well as McKinsey & Company for the analysis they shared.
The World Economic Forum is keen to provide a platform for this continued dialogue and exchange of ideas and we hope that all citizens, businesses and other leaders join the conversation on what it will take to build a new concept for Europe at #RenewEurope.

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