El sistema de pensiones en la Argentina

Argentina: Pension system in 2016
The pension system has two main components: a basic component and an additional social insurance component. For those aged 70 and above there is also an additional age-related social insurance component, as well as a social assistance component.

Qualifying conditions
Retirement age for the basic pension is 65 for men and 60 for women with at least 30 years of service.
To meet the contribution qualifying condition, the insured may substitute two years of age after the
retirement age for one year of missing contributions.
Additional pension (social insurance): Age 65 (men) or age 60 (women) with at least 30 years of
Advanced old-age pension (social insurance): Aged 70 or older with at least ten years of service, with
contributions paid while employed or self-employed, including at least five of the last eight years before
leaving employment. A self-employed person must have been insured for at least five years.
Non-contributory old-age pension (social assistance): Needy persons aged 70 or older residing in

Benefit calculation
Old-age pension
The monthly pension is ARS 1 805.53 (as of March 2015).

Fuente: OCDE

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